Psalm 73 by Alana Glove and the EMU Music team.
A track from Joy In Sorrow.

The lyrics:
My feet had almost slipped, I’d almost lost my way
My heart was grieved within, as I watched the faithless win
The world it made no sense, clouded by injustice
But in your presence, Lord, you help my heart to see
Surely God is good
Surely he is just
Surely longs to bless the pure in heart
Whom have I in heaven but you?
The earth has nothing I desire besides you
My flesh and my heart may fail
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion
Despite my doubting mind, you never cease to guide me
When fear takes hold within, you help me to proclaim
You are good even when I cannot see
You are near even through the darkest night
You are faithful to the ones you love
It is good when I am with you, Lord

Words and Music: Alanna Glover
© 2016 Alanna Glover |

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