Jesus as Saviour only makes sense if you know you need saving.
Jesus as Saviour leads us into a deeper and deeper understanding of our ongoing need to be saved.
Our maturity of Christians is not to think that Jesus has made us so much better that our primary need of him now is as an example; rather our maturity is a growing understanding of our continuing need of him as Saviour.

The way you know you’ve become a Christian, the you’re growing as a Christian, is not the you’re a good person. No. Instead you begin to see more and more how cursed you are, yet, at the same time, you also see more and more how Jesus became cursed for your sin that you might know the underserved blessing of His love. The unmistakable sign of conversion isn’t goodness but humility.

Broken And Beloved, Sammy Rhodes, Salem Books, 2020, pg 59.

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