US comic books are generally divided into distinct ages.
The Golden Age (1938-1950) was the medium’s beginning until its near demise due to censorship and sales issues; the Silver Age (1956-1970) marked a return and renewal, including the rise of Marvel Comics and the Batman TV show craze; the Bronze Age (1970-1985) is a less distinct transition, but generally represents a transition of where silver age properties were written and drawn by newer, younger creators who had grown up as fans of gold and silver age comics, it also marked a move towards entertaining an ageing group of readers rather than remaking focussed on children and adolescents; and then what is called the Modern Age (1985-Present) which is a depressing mess of dark self-indulgence and fan service (with some exceptions). ahem.

That’s a longish introduction to a couple of images, a cover and internal panel from DC’s The Flash .
The less context you have the better, but this was not an imaginary story, not a dream, not a hoax.
Nor was it a cover image that misrepresents a scene from the story inside.
It simply happens. (Is resolved) And is never mentioned again.
This is DC’s Silver Age.

How does being turned into a puppet feel?

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