Altogether Good is newly released by Citizens, featuring Sandra McCracken.

The lyrics:
How could we recount the ways
That You have multiplied our faith?
The wisdom of Your ways
The currents of Your grace, expressed
In every moment, every wave
In the longing of our souls
In the darkness where we go
You are there, You are love
You are altogether good
In the weakness of our faith
In the silence where we wait
You are here, You’re enough
You are altogether good

Through our joys and in our griefs
You have led us to believe
The wisdom of Your ways
The currents of Your grace, express
Our only hope for all our days

I love You Lord, I love You Lord
You are my more
Wholly present and pure

Words and Music: Brian Eichelberger and Zach Bolen

© 2020 Integrity’s Praise! Music/E On The Eye Chart Publishing/BMI, Integrity Worship Music/Erase And Rewind/ASCAP (adm worldwide at, excluding the UK & Europe which is adm by Integrity Music)

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