Continuing through twelve days of Christmas, one text that is part of December 29 is Luke 2: 25-35, the Song Of Simeon, also called the Nunc Dimittis (from Latin ‘Now You Dismiss’). It’s also a feast day of Thomas Beckitt, but that’s not so exciting for singing about.
There are many song versions of Simeon’s Song, but I like the sound of Ordinary Time, an acoustic folk trio.

The lyrics:
Now You can dismiss Your servant in peace.
As you have promised, so you have done.
This child will make a child of me
Just before night my morning has come!

Some will say that the Lord need not come,
Holding their torches to light their own way.
But I am old, hopes have faded away
Save this one hope in my arms this day.

My eyes have seen your salvation
You are the LORD, Your lips do not lie
Promised to Adam, promised to me
My eyes have seen. Now I can die.

Words and Music (C) 2006: Ben Keyes

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