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Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Full Documentary from Ligonier viewable at Youtube for a limited time)

Ligonier Ministries have a documentary about Martin Luther that they’ve placed on YouTube for a week or so.
If the YouTube embed below doesn’t work it’s too late.
Please don’t complain to me if you miss out.
It is available to purchase by a variety of means from their website.
Luther was not a perfect man, and the documentary does not argue for that.
He was used by God, and we can learn from that.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s the documentary, while it lasts.


Reformation Comes To Mount Gambier

The first two of my Theologian Statues that were a Kickstarter by Missional Wear arrived today.

Luther and Calvin will be joined by Augustine, Ryle, and John Knox who are all currently in transit.

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A Reformation Of Confidence (via Kevin DeYoung)

If you prayed as a Christian in the name of Jesus, completely confident that God hears and accepts your prayer, that’s a fruit of the Reformation.
Kevin DeYoung interacts with the writings of Martin Luther:

[In addition to other spiritual truths, the Reformation] was also about confidence. Not self-confidence, but confidence that God is for us not against us, confidence that we can go to heaven without a sentence in purgatory first, confidence that though we cannot rest in our works, we can rest in Christ’s.
Consider, for example, this powerful reflection from Luther on the confidence we should have in prayer.
…one of the things we must never forget to say is that the Reformation mercifully allowed fearful sinners to have a new kind of relationship with God. The Reformation reminded God’s people that they can have direct access to God through Christ. It re-centered the church on the lavish, scandalous good news of the cross. And it reassured them (and us) that God is on the side of the justified saint, even though they were still struggling sinners.

Read Luther’s words at DeYoung’s blog.

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The Story of Martin Luther (A Playmobil Animation)

This charming Playmobil animation by Go Chatter Videos tells the story of Martin Luther.
Watch is a primer for Reformation Sunday tomorrow.

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Instead Of Advice, Christ (via First Things)

Preaching that is full of advice about how people can live like Christians can’t transform, only preaching that points people to God’s transforming power in the person and work of Jesus Christ has the hope of change.
The conclusion of an article about Luther’s theology by Phillip Cary at First Things.

How we have always been justified by faith alone is best seen in light of Luther’s distinction between law and Gospel. Both the law of God and the Gospel of Christ are God’s word, but the former only gives us instructions while the latter gives us Christ. For the law tells us what to do, but the Gospel tells us what Christ does. The distinction grows out of Augustine’s insistence, in his great treatise On the Spirit and the Letter, that telling us to obey the law of love does not help us do it from the depths of our hearts; only the grace of Christ can give us such a heart. Luther merely adds: The place to find the grace of Christ is in the Gospel of Christ.
A great many preachers, Protestant as well as Catholic, overlook the distinction between law and Gospel, thinking they can change people’s lives by giving them practical advice—as if telling them how to be inwardly transformed could help them do it. Augustine already knew better. Luther’s addition to Augustine’s insight is merely the glad recognition that there is indeed something preachers can do to help us be transformed: Instead of advice, they can give us Christ.


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Welcome Doctor Martin

Martin Luther takes up residence in the Batcave annex at mgpc, just in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
I haven’t jumped ship though.
John Calvin bobble head still rules the roost.


A Tool To Assist Theological Discourse – The Luther Insult Generator

Next time you don’t know what to say in theological debate go to this site and toss in one of these classics from Martin Luther.
UPDATE: The site has a new online home, links have been updated.

I don’t know who Latomus is, but he certainly got pwned by Doctor Martin.