James Garner’s Support Your Local Sheriff is a very amusing comedy western in which a group of actors who could play dramatic roles in keep a straight face while sending up some familiar scenarios.
Garner’s Jason McCullough gets diverted on his travels to Australia and becomes the titular sheriff of a lawless frontier town and apprehends one of the sons of a local outlaw family.
The mayor, played by Harry Morgan isn’t entirely convinced the arrival of law and order is entirely a good thing; for wherever there’s law and order, can the churches be far behind?

Mayor Olly Perkins:
That must have been some show you put on at the saloon this afternoon. It kind of sobered up the whole town.
Jason McCullough:
Well, that’s good.
Mayor Olly Perkins:
Maybe… maybe not. It has been a lot of fun around here up to now. I mean, everything all kind of wide-open and relaxed. Nobody looking down their noses at anybody who happened to shoot someone else. Nobody poking their noses into nobody else’s business without them getting their big noses blasted off in the process. Ah, I guess now that we got law and order, churches will start moving in.
Jason McCullough:
Yeah, that’s usually the next thing that happens.
Mayor Olly Perkins:
And then the women will start forming committees and having bazaars. And then they’ll chase Madame Orr’s girls out of town, or make them get married, or something even worse. But, what the hell, like you said, the law’s the law, and we got to face up to it sometime.
Jason McCullough:
When did I say that?

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