It’s the week after the Grand Finals and season 2017 is done and dusted.
Adelaide spent all year convincing me they could win, and all Grand Final showing me why I doubted them. But then, Richmond who I doubted more showed that they had the goods on the day.
Some people may have thought that North Queensland could emulate Richmond’s achievement, but that would involve Melbourne being equivalent to Adelaide. And that was never going to be.

An odd season in many ways. Apart from Melbourne no NRL side (North Queensland’s heroic finals run notwithstanding) no other team showed marked improvement, and many actually seemed to decline. It will be interesting to see how NQ go when Thurston and Scott return.
In the AFL no side seemed to really dominate. There are a number of good teams but no great ones at the moment. Lots of teams will fancy their chances and they’ll be looking for strategic top-ups of personnel to have a crack at the 2018 flag.

I finished the year three wins up in the NRL, but a sad fifteen down in the AFL.

So, the last rites:
NRL (last round 1/1; season tally 133/201)
AFL (last round 0/1; season tally 129/207)

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