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No Outsiders by Rend Collective

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No Outsiders, a new song by Rend Collective about the Kingdom of God as something that welcomes people in, not seeks to keep people out.

The lyrics:

You are a refuge
You have no borders
When I was a stranger
Knocking on your door
You took me in

With no questions
With no conditions
When I was a sinner
Running from your grace
You called me friend

There are no outsiders to your love
We are all welcome theres grace enough
You are the open door
When I have wandered Lord
There are no outsiders
There are no outsiders
To your love

You are the harbour
In every tempest
When my soul was ship wrecked
Tossed upon the waves
You calmed the storm

You are the Father
There are no orphans
Every tribe and nation
Gathered in your arms
Sing with one voice

I was tired I was poor
I was thrown upon your shores
I was homeless and afraid
Then I heard you call my name
Now I’m ransomed I’m restored
Resurrected I am yours
I am loved yes I belong
Oh my soul has found its home

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