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Footy Tipping 2014 – NRL Finals Week 3 / AFL Grand Final

The AFL has given us a Grand Final worthy of a season decider: two worthy teams and no sure favourite.
Sydney are favourites, more due to their list than anything. I’m going with Hawthorn, mostly because I don’t like the notion that Sydney have managed to buy a premiership.
In the NRL, the two teams who’ve had a week off should win, giving us a less likely Grand Final, but the sentimental lure of a Bunnies’ premiership.
See you next week for the finale.

NRL (last round 1/2; season tally 115/200)

AFL (last round 2/2; season tally 143/206)

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Another Day, Another Bay

So, today we’re at Waterloo Bay in Wynnum.
Elijah and Rachel will frolic on the whales and I’ll sit under a tree and enjoy another coffee.


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Eating Out (via Doghouse Diaries)

Being away from home is complicated when one of the travellers has particular dietary needs.
Various health concerns have seen us vegetarian, vegan, whole food, paleo, raw food, dairy free, gluten free, low carb, high carb and probably a few more I’ve forgotten.
Anyway, it’s okay when we can cook, but eating out is… complicated.
All the more when various restaurants don’t realise butter is a dairy food, or that bacon is meat (that last one may be an exaggeration).
This cartoon made me think of this.


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The Chuck Norris Burger

It’s probably just as well I’m not a frequent visitor to Hervey Bay.
The Chuck Norris Burger from Badger & Brown’s Burgerie was excellent.
And the rest of the menu looked worthy of further investigation.
Especially on $10 Wednesdays.
Made all the better by sharing with family.

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Animated Superman #1 Cover

Superman_1_1939Kerry Callen is a clever artist.
Here’s gif of Superman #1, demonstrating what happens when a man who leaps 1/8th of a mile begins his descent.