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Football Tips – NRL Round 4 / AFL Round 1 (Part 2) 2013

The NRL returned to its old tricks last week for a four out of eight return.
This round seems more straight forward, but only on form.
We’ll see.
NRL (14/24)
Gold Coast
North Queensland

The AFL continue their split opening round.
Adelaide returned to pretender status last week, and maybe Fremantle are going to have a memorable year.
AFL (0/2)
Saint Kilda
Port Adelaide

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Sons Of Korah Coming To Mount Gambier On May 1

Here at mgpc we’re very excited about Sons Of Korah performing a concert in our city on May 1.
Tickets available at their website.

Sons of Korah LIVE DVD Promo from thefunklab on Vimeo.


Songs For The Book Of Luke – New Album From The Gospel Coalition

g-c lukeThe Gospel Coalition have sponsored the production of an album of songs which reflect the content of Luke’s Gospel.
With its release timed to coincide with their national conference, the album is available for pre-order or immediate download at Bandcamp.
A compilation, on first listen the album sounds very well produced, but nothing stood out immediately.
It’s a good listen, but I don’t know about congregational singing.
I’ll get back to you after a few more listens.
You can read about the background to the album here.
Liner notes, composer and performer details, and chord/melody line charts can be found here.
As always at bandcamp you can have a listen before deciding whether to purchase or not.

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The Honest Trailer For Les Misérables

The Honest Trailer series usually have a few amusing moments, but at the fifty second mark their Les Misérables effort becomes a classic.

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The Saviour Who Came Even Though He Was Welcomed For The Wrong Reasons

Andrew Peterson offers a couple of meditations arising from the welcome Jesus received as he entered Jerusalem at The Rabbit Room.
As a bonus he also embeds a live recording of his song Hosanna, from the Resurrection Letters Vol. 2 album.
Here’s one of the devotions. More can be downloaded at the post page.


Lord, forgive us.
We welcome you in because we think you’ll give us what we want. We act as if our true motives are hidden from you—you who made the world with a word. We spread our coats and wave our hands and cry “Save us!” and you ride with your back straight and your face drawn, accepting our hosannas because you know that even if the heart is false the words are true, and for now, that is enough.
You come in the name of the Lord. Son of David, you come to save us. You come to save a fickle people, who one minute cry for help and the next cry for blood, and it is both help and blood that you give us.
The sun shines hot on the city gate, and you feel the air move with the palm branches. You hear the hearts pumping in their chests. Their mouths cry “save us” while their hearts cry “give us what we want.” But because you are God you hear even deeper in the spirits of men and women and even children the silence of our profound loneliness. You hear the trickle of need we scarcely know ourselves.
You come to us though you know we’re praying to you for the wrong reasons, singing to you without the faintest notion of how powerful and just and holy you really are.
We don’t even realize the danger we’re in, crying for salvation from Caesar when the Devil himself is battering the door—crying like a baby for its bottle when a wolf is loose in the nursery.
And yet, you come.
You set your iron gaze on Jerusalem, and because the Father wants you to, you come.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Read the other at The Rabbit Room.

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Pastor Enters Church Service On A Zip-Line

Another entry for the Dept. Of ‘You All Think I Make This Sort Of Thing Up’.