One of the latest Preaching Matters videos features Gavin Perkins who provides his take on preaching in the Sydney evangelical tradition.
Apart from the quote which is the title of this post there’s other helpful material.

“So much of what makes good preaching is just learning how to read well and noticing what is actually in this passage in front of us not just what is in what I learnt in college and how I can find a few stepping-stones in this passage to what I want to say, and so what I think we need is a more … a way of preaching which is built up more accurately from the passage that’s in front of us, so what is this part of God’s Word actually teaching us, noticing the details of the text. So much of what … what I think we need to do in training preachers anywhere in the world is just teaching them to read well and to notice what’s … what is there in front of us in this passage, not just what I think ought to there, or what I’m taught should be there.”

“I think we ought to be better at anticipating the questions that are in people’s minds as they listen, as well. I think we can assume that somehow a little bit too much that there is a shared view that we have with out listeners that is actually not necessarily the case. there’s a whole lot of questions that pop into people’s minds as we’re preaching that I think we need to be better at anticipating.

If we use the Bible as a launching pad for our own thoughts in the pulpit, then everyone else will learn to do it the rest of the time.

(A minor quibble is why these guys never mention the Sydney Presbyterian Center as a like-minded training place when they fall into their “Moore and SMBC” mantra.)

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