Back tonight from mgpc’s visit to Para Hills Presbyterian. 25 of us got to know the people who are a local church. Our partnership deepening with friendship.
We’re all pretty tired tonight.
Something else I’m looking forward to is the release of Keith and Kristyn Getty’s new album Hymns For The Christian Life this week.
It’s preordered and the download should be available on October 9.
I featured Simple Living a couple of months ago, and the album also features older compositions In Christ Alone and Gethsemane in addition to brand new material.
To mark this special weekend, here’s a new track, which I’ve already received as a prerelease bonus, Oh, How Good It Is.
And it certainly was.
There’s this die-di-dit-die-di-dit bit that I can really do without in the middle, but the lyrics are very good.
The lyrics:
Oh how good it is
When the family of God
Dwells together in spirit
In faith and unity.
Where the bonds of peace,
Of acceptance and love
Are the fruit of His presence
Here among us.
So with one voice we’ll sing to the Lord
And with one heart we’ll live out His word
Till the whole earth sees
The Redeemer has come
For He dwells in the presence of His people.
Oh how good it is
On this journey we share
To rejoice with the happy
And weep with those who mourn.
For the weak find strength
The afflicted find grace
When we offer the blessing
Of belonging.
Oh how good it is
To embrace His command
To prefer one another
Forgive as He forgives.
When we live as one
We all share in the love
Of the Son with the Father
And the Spirit.

Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Ross Holmes, and Stuart Townend; © 2012 Gettymusic and Parakeet Boots Music (adm. by and Townend Music (adm. UK & Europe by Thankyou Music)
Here it is on youtube already.

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