At the recent General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia we shared a time of worship at which we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. As the elements were being distributed through the large church an operatic baritone (seriously) sang verses from ‘To See The King Of Heaven Fall’, also known as ‘Gethsemane Hymn’. Another composition by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, the words and music work together compellingly to express an appreciation for the cost of Jesus’ obedience.
This is one to be used at communion times or particularly around Easter. What a song for Thursday night or Good Friday.
We’ve tried singing it at mgpc the last couple of nights, and once you master the fact that much of it is set very low, it works quite well for congregational singing.

The lyrics from the song’s page at Kingsway Music.
To see the King of heaven fall
In anguish to His knees
The Light and Hope of all the world
Now overwhelmed with grief
What nameless horrors must He see
To cry out in the garden
“Oh, take this cup away from me
Yet not my will but Yours
Yet not my will but Yours.”
To know each friend will fall away
And heaven’s voice be still
For hell to have its vengeful day
Upon Golgotha’s hill
No words describe the Saviour’s plight
To be by God forsaken
Till wrath and love are satisfied
And every sin is paid
And every sin is paid
What took Him to this wretched place
What kept Him on this road?
His love for Adam’s curséd race
For every broken soul
No sin too slight to overlook
No crime too great to carry
All mingled in this poisoned cup
And yet He drank it all
The Saviour drank it all
The Saviour drank it all

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty
Copyright © 2009 Thankyou Music

YouTube of Stuart Townend from concert setting, with extended introduction.

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