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A Rich Young Man (Simple Living) – Sunday Songs


Here’s an interesting song from Townend/Gettys based on Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler and his observation regarding a widow’s offering.
Other than that it sort of defies easy classification.
The simplicity of the lyric, which is set to quite a jaunty tune belies the rather earnest and unusual theme which the song explores.
We’ll be road testing it at mgpc next month in the evenings.

The lyrics:
A rich young man came to ask of Christ:
‘Good teacher, will you tell me,
What must I do for eternal life?
I’ve kept your laws completely.’
‘Sell all you have, give to the poor,
Then heaven’s treasure shall be yours.’
How hard for those who are rich on earth
To gain the wealth of heaven.
Now Jesus stood by the offering gate
As people brought their money:
The rich they filled the collection plate;
The widow gave a penny.
‘Now she’s outgiven all the rest,
Her gift was all that she possessd.’
Not what you give but what you keep
Is what the King is counting.
O teach me Lord to walk this road,
The road of simple living;
To be content with what I own
And generous in giving.
And when I cling to what I have,
Please wrest it quickly from my grasp;
I’d rather lose all the things on earth
To gain the things of heaven.

Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty
Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music & Getty Music

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