‘The Mistakes Of Phillip Jensen’ is a substantial interview with Phillip Jensen as the subject, conducted by Tony Payne and posted at The Briefing.
Very helpful for those in pastoral life, and because, as Phillip observes, ministry begins for every Christian right at the moment when they become a Christian, it is an insightful and constructive read for every Christian.
I won’t cherry pick highlights, because the whole thing is very good.

Tony Payne: Phillip, you’ve been in ministry for quite a long time…
Phillip Jensen: Well, ever since I became a Christian; that’s when you start ministering, and that was back in ’59.
TP: You’ve often said that you learn from your mistakes in life, and in ministry.
PJ: Which is why I know so much. I’ve made so many.
TP: Well that should make for a decent length interview, because I’m going to ask you about your mistakes. I want you to look back and think about your blunders.

Read all of The Mistakes Of Phillip Jensen at The Briefing.

Well, maybe one cherry. This is something we’re striving to implant in the spiritual culture here at mgpc.

…expect to make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, it’s good to make mistakes. A person who hasn’t made mistakes hasn’t tried hard enough. You can’t be in a people ministry without making mistakes. You can’t be in something as complicated as Christian ministry without making mistakes. But you’ve got to learn how to deal with mistakes. You’ve got to be able to say, “Yeah, I got that dead wrong. I need to say sorry, and to fix up the things I can fix up, and to leave the rest to God. I have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.” Mind you, some mistakes have consequences that you bear for the rest of your life. You can’t avoid that.

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