I commented yesterday that all the elephants at this year’s Elephant Room event seemed to be outside the room.
Inside the room (on my reading of Wax’s notes) there seemed less of last year’s committment to understanding how the same commitments can be expressed differently in ministry and mission and more of everyone affirming each other for simply coming and talking.
But there was one substantial size elephant in the room. T.D. Jake’s theology of God, particularly the Trinity.
In conversation with Mark Driscoll (himself no affirmer of classical trinitarian theology) Jakes affirmed a trinitarian understanding of God. The currency of this affirmation varies among commentators.
Trevin Wax offers a summary reflection after his marathon effort posting notes on each Elephant Room session.
Carl Trueman notes that apparently all the authorisation a celebrity pastor needs is the affirmation of other celebrity pastors and that a few questions in a talk show format doesn’t really equate to a probing examination of someone’s theology.
Ed Stetzer offers his perspective.
Frank Turk observes that there are a few other elephants in Jakes’ living room which were rather conveniently ignored so everyone could feel the love.

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