Though it has been fairly inactive of late, The Sola Panel has been a worthwhile site to read as a window into the range of thought which is Sydney evangelicalism (Matthias Media style).
Tony Payne has posted about a change to the Sola Panel that will take effect from Thursday, 1st September.

On that day, the new online home of The Briefing will go live. The Briefing is published by Matthias Media, the hosters and sponsors of the Sola Panel, and we are praying that the new Briefing site will turn out to be a really significant hub for Reformed-evangelical thought and discussion. We thought that the logical thing to do was to take the Sola Panel blog across to that new site. So as of next Thursday, we’ll be closing down ‘’ and redirecting all traffic to
We’re also going to change the format of the Sola Panel slightly. As of next Thursday, there will be six regular panellists: four from Aus (me, Sandy Grant, Lionel Windsor and Jean Williams), one from the US (Marty Sweeney), and one from the UK (Richard Perkins). We’ll each have our own ‘page’ or blog, on which we’ll pop things up at a pretty regular clip. We’ll interact with each other’s posts and with reader’s comments as we do now.
Other current Sola Panellists (like Mark Baddeley, Scott Newling, Gordon Cheng, Peter Bolt, etc.) will continue to contribute in the main Briefing content panel, as they are able.
So to our many readers, this is not the end, but a re-location! We still love the five ‘solas’ of the Reformation, and we still want to promote a Bible-driven passion for theology, holiness and gospel ministry. Please come and visit us at our new home:

All the best to Matthias Media on their relaunch of The Briefing and The Sola Panel.

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