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The Brain Of A Nerd

This is vital information if you are in regular contact with a nerd.
Geek brains are similar, but for one thing lack the math and science areas.


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NASCAR Prayer – Autotuned

I posted the NASCAR prayer the other day.
Here is an autotuned version of it (set to music).
No, we won’t be singing it, either.
(But it wouldn’t surprise me if some church somewhere does. There are worse things presently being sung already.)

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John Stott Dies, Aged 90

English evangelical pastor/theologian John Stott has died at the age of ninety.
Not everyone who reads this blog accesses the internet on a large scale, but there are an incredible number of tributes to Stott available, here’s one from the Christianity Today site, and another from the Gospel Coalition, I’ll leave you to search for others.
I expect our local church news letter will contain some form of biographical eulogy.

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Avoiding Accountability By Giving God The Credit For Your Decisions (via Rachel Held Evans)

In commentary about Campus Crusade For Christ’s decision to rebrand itself as Cru, Rachel Held Evans does not deal with the merits of the change of name so much as the attempt to deflect direct accountability for the decision by declaring that the decision was God’s will.

What bugs me about Campus Crusade’s rebranding is not the name change but the insistence that God came up with it. In the press release announcing the change, President Steve Douglas declared, “This decision has been saturated with prayer. We only want what God wants for us.” Vice President Steve Sellers said it even more bluntly: “We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us this new name.”
The Steves basically played the God card. By insisting that the rebranding was God’s idea, they insulated themselves from criticism and pit dissenters against God Himself.

Held’s article is helpful when encountering those who (or when personally tempted to) claim that a personal decision is God’s instead.


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Confession: I hate beaches.
Sand? Forget it.
Maybe if they were paved and had shade-sails.
But Cabarita Beach looks very picturesque.
Here are some pictures.
Sorry my iPhone 4 camera can’t do them justice, but these shots will give you some idea.



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Youth Is In Our Blood – Free Music From The Dirty Guv’nahs

Click on over to Noise Trade to download Youth Is In Our Blood by the The Dirty Guv’nahs for free.
Good americana rock.