Next week I’m going on holidays to Queensland.
I’ll be spending some time in my old home suburb of Wynnum.
Nostaligia usually sees me walking around to check out the relentless burgeoning of real-estate agents, hair-dressers and opportunity shops which have taken over what used to be a more varied suburban shopping area.
So this news article in the online version of Brisbane’s Courier Mail Newspaper caught my eye.
From the article:

THE Brisbane bayside suburb of Wynnum will become a “hoodie-free zone” next month in a bid to fight the growing number of armed robberies.
Police have encouraged shopowners to demand customers remove their hoods when they enter the store to minimise their risk of becoming a “target”.
Shops will be given a “Remove Hoodies on Premises” sticker during the one month trial, which is likely to be extended across South Brisbane and Oxley Districts.
Wynnum District Officer Superintendent Jim Keogh said the initiative would rely on the co-operation of the community to comply with store rules.
“Late at night, you’ve got staff who are somewhat junior and when they see someone coming in wearing hoodies they start to panic,” Superintendent Keogh said.
“I think most people will understand that rationale behind it and they’ll comply.

Fascinatingly, the obligatory photograph of the backs of a couple of shadowy hoodie wearers is credited to the Daily Telegraph, a Sydney publication.
The highly amusing comment stream beneath demands to know when such a ban will be applied to the wearers of burqas.
Because, apparently, there are gangs of burqa wearing folk intimidating the good merchants of Wynnum.
I can’t wait to see this for myself.
But at least I know not to pack a hoodie (or a burqa).

2 thoughts on “What Not To Wear In Wynnum (My Old Home Suburb)

  1. Alison Cunningham says:

    You can pack a hoodie, if you have one. It has been quite cold up here and it is no hassle to take it off indoors!

    1. Gary Ware says:

      My iPhone weather app must be defective.
      It’s got your maximum and minimum temperatures showing something like an early to mid Mount Gambier Summer.

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