Heal For The Honey by Brooke Waggoner is available free this week on Noise Trade.
(Although if you’re a soft touch like me you’ll probably leave a donation.)

The tags on the album page suggest that fans of Ben Folds, Kate Bush, Tender Forever, Regina Spektor, Blossom Dearie will like what they hear from this 2008 debut release from Waggoner, noted as the #1 choice for Patrol Magazine’s “Best Faith-Inspired Albums of 2008”

It’s worth a listen. Or two. Or more.
The blurb:

Waggoner’s critically acclaimed debut Heal For The Honey was independently released on Swoon Moon Music (her record label upstart) in September of 2008. Waggoner’s Heal For The Honey received mass critical acclaim and coverage, including the New York Times’ description of it as “… an eclectic, 10-track album that favors a serene voice quietly singing about the tribulations of love against a backdrop of classical piano crescendos.” Paste Magazine wrote, “In a music world overpopulated with acoustic guitars, warbling voices and tinkling piano keys, Brooke Waggoner and her cache of mesmerizing tunes stand out.” “For me, if I’m not taking a risk instrumentally, structurally, or even lyrically, I’m not making a good song,” remarked Waggoner. “You never know what kind of impact you may have on others with your work, but if you can capture a moment in a small musical package, then job well done. It’s a gift you’ve been given to give back.”

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