Cardiphonia is a music recording collective.
Pentecost is their latest project. (Timely, too, Pentecost is this Sunday)
From the bandcamp download page:

Pentecost Songs: A collection of songs and hymns written to celebrate the person and work of the Holy Spirit composed at various points between the 9th century and the 21st.
Pentecost, which means ‘fifty’ signifies the 50 days between the resurrection of Jesus and the day that the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and established the church.
Our initial aim was to collect 50 songs to celebrate each day but that seemed maybe a bit over ambitious…so we settled for getting almost half way there! These songs represent over 1000 years of text relating to the Holy Spirit at work in the church. From the Latin chant of Veni Creator Spiritus re-imagined by Greg Scheer to a recent exploration by Wendell Kimbrough this is an insanely fruitful toast to the Spirit singing in our midst.

You can download for free, but you’ll want to make a donation.
Here’s the player so you can listen before you download.

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