What’s a ‘portmanteau’? (scrabble players not allowed to answer)

Jesus preached the gospel and he sent the apostles out preaching the same gospel. But preaching the gospel didn’t mean explaining every last detail of his death and resurrection every time they preached. Nor did it mean saying exactly the same thing every time they spoke. The message about God’s fulfilment of his kingdom, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, was preached wisely and thoughtfully in each new situation.
What is the gospel? It has been suggested that ‘gospel’ is a portmanteau word – which may not help if you don’t know what a portmanteau is (it’s a carpetbag or suitcase that expand as you add to its contents). What this means is that the gospel is as simple as ‘Jesus is Lord’. but telling someone that ‘Jesus is the Lord who died for sins’ is also telling the gospel. And proclaiming ‘Jesus is the Lord who died for sins and has been raised as the head of a new humanity who commands all people to repent and turn to him as the judge of the living and the dead’ is also preaching the gospel.

From page 27-28 of The Archer And The Arrow by Jensen and Grimmond.

4 thoughts on “The Gospel As Portmanteau – The Archer And The Arrow

  1. Nathan says:

    Perhaps slightly confusing given that a portmanteau is also the mashing together of two words to create a new word.

    Portmanteaus are the overlapping bit of a venn diagram when words collide.

    1. gjware says:

      I confess I just accepted their definition and didn’t look for any others.
      I just looked up the various meanings on wikipedia.
      It does remind me that when I was a child I carried a ‘port’ to school.

  2. Damien Carson says:

    Portmanteau. Portmantaeu. If you wanna speak French, go back to Frenchland, Frenchy!! I had never heard the term before I moved up to QLD. In the first weeks that I was at QTC, Les Percy and Keith Booker took a lecture on being organised, and Les mentioned several times, motioning with his hands, that Keith kept his port on his desk. I had no idea what he was talking about. Where I come from, your port is kept on a low table in the corner of your dining room. You’d be pretty hard core if you took the whole keg to work & kept it on your desk.

    1. gjware says:

      Any port in a storm…

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