Experimental Church is a new blog started week ago featuring ‘The journey of fake Pastor Brad Towers, vision caster of Ridgeview Bible Church’.
The imaginary graduate pastor seeking to revitalise his imaginary declining traditional church:

My name is Brad Towers. I’m the Lead Vision Caster at Ridge View Bible Church. I was brought in this year to revitalize a dying church. By bringing together different facets of Christianity, I will bring life to Ridge View. I’m a revolutionary, a dreamer, a visionary. And I will change the world. I may not be real, but I do rock.

The blog is finding its voice.
Yesterday’s post featured ‘Brad’s’ efforts to connect with his congregation of twenty-five as a regular person and his efforts to establish his pulpit ministry. He describes a breakthrough moment:

I was up in the pulpit, preaching my pastoral guts out, leaving everything on the playing field of the pulpit. I could sense that I was close to breaking through, but I needed a little something more. What I needed was a killer illustration.
I started mentally running through my list of 5-star sermon illustrations. The killer whale who intentionally beached himself in order to save an elderly woman? No, that wouldn’t work. The psychologist who solved everyone’s problems using nothing but a napkin and a crayon? No, not enough drama.
Then it hit me. Braveheart.
I would reenact the entire final scene of Braveheart. On stage. With me playing all the characters.
I seamlessly transitioned into the illustration by saying, “Speaking of being a busy bee, that reminds me of the movie Braveheart.” I then recreated the final twenty minutes of Braveheart right in front of the congregation. Completely from memory.

Read ‘When Braveheart Comes To Church’ and other posts at Experimental Church.
How many people will read it and still believe that it’s real?

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