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Some Kind Of Kneeler (True Grit)

The 2010 version of True Grit virtually washed the Christian faith of Mattie Ross out of the story, reducing it to something of a background theme to the story.
The 1969 version retained the somewhat belligerent tone of Mattie Ross’ gritty Presbyterianism.
An example of which is demonstrated in another of the generally feisty exchanges between Mattie Ross and LaBoeuf.

LaBoeuf: “I was raised in the Episcopal Church myself.”
Mattie: “I figured you for some kind of kneeler.”

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The Good Christian (True Grit)

The story True Grit originated in a novel and has been adapted in two movies.
The 1969 movie features this exchange between Mattie Ross and horse-trader Colonel Stonehill as Mattie explains her plans to pursue justice for her father’s murder.
It has a good observation about Christian faith, difficulties and presumption.

“Well, perhaps it will all work out to your satisfaction. I shall pray that you return safely, your efforts crowned with success. It may prove to be a hard journey.”
“The good Christian does not flinch from difficulties.”
“Neither does he rashly court them. The good Christian is not willful or presumptuous.”
“You think I am wrong.”
“I think you are wrongheaded.”
“We will see.”
“Yes, I am afraid so.”