A post on the St. Helen’s Bishopsgate blog makes the point that the key story of the Bible is about relationships. Christianity is not acceptance of an intellectual proposition, it is the experience of a relationship that God adopts humans into through his son, Jesus. From the post: …the Bible is a love story. But …

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Having been at mgpc for a few years now, and being a through the book sort of preacher, the notion of returning to certain books (particularly Gospels, Genesis, Romans and others) is gaining traction in my consciousness. Here’s a video from the St Helen’s Bishopsgate blog addressing the subject.

On the St. Helen’s Preaching Matters video blog William Taylor outlines an overview of the Gospels that looks for the author’s intent to train in discipleship and evangelism in ways that should shape our corporate and individual lives as Christians. They are about what is to be believed and how we are to respond.