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She Waits by The Gray Havens

She Waits is the title track from The Gray Havens’ recently released album.
(Their third full length studio album, I think)
Listen with Romans 8:19 in mind.

“She’s seen empires come and go
Watched the kingdom’s children grow
Sparks and embers far from home
Born to shine, and to behold

‘Cause on her chain is a lock and the key
Is the radiance she will see
From the light that’s gonna be
Cast from the sons and the daughters free”

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Storehouse by The Gray Havens

I don’t remember how I ended up listening to The Gray Havens (duo David and Licia Radford), but Storehouse is the first release from what I think is their third studio album, the forthcoming She Waits.
I’ve been listening to a prerelease of She Waits and the Radfords continue to mature their folk-pop style.

“I’m over my head and lost
And the ground feels unstable and I can’t make this stop
But this I call, this I call to mind
How the Father runs to the wayward son
Com’n back alive

So I’ll go to the storehouse I’ll go
To the storehouse of mercy I’ll go”