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Sweet Symsonia by Scott Mulvahill

A change of pace with Scott Mulvahill putting down the bass and picking up the mouth organ for this rendition of his song Sweet Symsonia.

The album cut.

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Fighting For The Wrong Side by Scott Mulvahill

Fighting For The Wrong Side, track 3 from Scott Mulvahill’s Himalayas.

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Top Of The Stairs by Scott Mulvahill

Scott Mulvahill’s album Himalayas is soon to be (or already is) released.
Top Of The Stairs is a track that represents the eclectic range that Mulvahill embraces.

“I may never make it and I don’t care
Gotta keep climbing til I run out of air
I may never make it and I don’t care
It’s all about steps not the top of the stairs”

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Begin Againers by Scott Mulvahill

Scott Mulvahill has an album about to release (Himalayas), Begin Againers is a track from it.

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The Lord Is Coming – Christmas Songs 2017 Day 16

The Lord Is Coming by Scott Mulvahill is not a Christmas Carol, but it certainly is an Advent appropriate song.
It’s also pretty cool.