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Raised With Christ – Sunday Songs

Our travel plans today included worshipping with the people of the Rose City Presbyterian Church in Warwick.
After a helpful sermon aimed at grumpy (and angry) people finding freedom and fruitfulness in the resurrection life Christians share with Jesus we sang Raised With Christ.

The lyrics:
Verse 1
Put aside the lives that you once lived
All the habits of your worldly hearts
In Christ you now are set apart

Put to death the deeds that flow from sin
From the empty ways you craved before
Let idols steer your souls no more

For we are raised, raised with Christ
So fix your hearts upon the One who reigns above
For we are raised, raised with Christ
The old has died, your life is found with Christ in God

Verse 2
So clothe yourselves as those beloved by God
With all kindness and humility
Compassion and long suffering

And let the peace of Christ control your hearts.
Put on love – the bond of unity
Forgive as Christ’s forgiven you

Spirit breathe, renew
Make us more like You
In the cast of our Creator
In the image of the Son

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Trevor Hodge