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Don’t Listen To The Si-reens

Delmar comes to the only possible conclusion about what has happened to their friend Pete, who seems to have been replaced by a toad after the three escapees lose consciousness after imbibing too much liquor in the company of three musical young women.

Delmar: “Them si-reens done loved ‘im up and turned him into a horny-toad!”
Everett: I’m not sure that’s Pete.
Delmar: Of course it’s Pete! Look at him!… We gotta find some kind of wizard to change him back!”

The lesson is to avoid sirens; they’ll love you up and turn you into a toad every time.

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C’mon In Boys, The Water Is Fine

The testimony of Delmar O’Donnell, newly baptised in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Delmar O’Donnell: Well that’s it, boys. I’ve been redeemed. The preacher’s done warshed away all my sins and transgressions. It’s the straight and narrow from here on out, and heaven everlasting’s my reward.
Ulysses Everett McGill: Delmar, what are you talking about? We’ve got bigger fish to fry.
Delmar O’Donnell: The preacher says all my sins is warshed away, including that Piggly Wiggly I knocked over in Yazoo.
Ulysses Everett McGill: I thought you said you was innocent of those charges?
Delmar O’Donnell: Well I was lyin’. And the preacher says that that sin’s been warshed away too. Neither God nor man’s got nothin’ on me now. C’mon in boys, the water is fine.