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Announcing God’s Sovereignty Over The Nations (preparing for MGPC 29/6/2014)

Sola (By Your Word Alone) and How Long Will You Forget Me Lord (Psalm 13) are the songs of preparation.
Worship commences with Humble Thyself / Our God Is An Awesome God.
Our prayer of adoration and confession will recall the free gift of God, eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord, and the freedom from slavery to sin that is now ours.
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less, The Apostles’ Creed and Glory Be To God The Father is our shared testimony of faith and assurance.
From God’s Word, John 15:1-27 continues the upper room narrative where Jesus commands his disciples to love one another.
This our final week memorising Hebrews 13:14 (reward chocolates afterward)
We’ll sing Great Is Your Faithfulness in praise of God’s revealed glory.
After reading Jeremiah 18:1-11, our guest preacher David D’Lima will preach a sermon entitled Announcing God’s Sovereignty Over The Nations.
We’ll be led in our pastoral prayer, give our tithes and offerings, then worship will conclude singing We Are His Children (Go Forth).

Tomorrow we’ll also have a shared lunch, and host a citywide service at 6.30pm.