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Aware, Wise, and Intentional – The Missional Church (via Michael Milton)

Michael Milton provides a definition of a missional church and expands on how that definition functions:

A missional church is an ecclesial community of Word, Sacrament, and Prayer where pastoral staff, officers, and members are united in their commitment to the Gospel-driven practice of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in every area of ministry and life.

I like the clarity of Milton’s position on the need for a theology that wants to embrace a city has to do so on the basis of the lostness of the city and the need for its citizens to personally experience redemption in contrast to the corporately experiencing the blessings of the kingdom:

The missional church is one that is aware of its parish’s socio-historical context, including an understanding of the development of the context, and responding wisely in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, every part of the church’s ministry is attuned to the surroundings andintentional in its outreach ministry to the community. We do not disagree with Alan Hirsch’s definition of a “missional church” as “posture toward the world.” However, we believe that such a posture must be that the world is lost and in need of the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. Theologies that “embrace the city” without pointing to the sin in the city and the unbelieving city dwellers’ need for personal repentance and faith in the resurrected and reigning Jesus Christ are not missional as the word describes the urgent mandates of the Gospel.

Read the whole post at Christianity Today.

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Five Directions Of A Missional Church

This info graphic was designed by Jeffrey Kranz in response to a post by Trevin Wax that seems to summarise ideas from a book called The Community Of Jesus by Kendell Easley and Christopher Morgan.
It is posted at Wax’s blog.
I don’t know anything more about the book, but this graphic is interesting.