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Losing Battles by Josh Ritter

Losing Battles is a track from Josh Ritter’s just released (tenth!, I think) album Fever Breaks.
Adding to the experience this time around is production from Jason Isbell who provides music along with his band The 400 Unit.
Ritter’s lyrics interact with themes of good and evil, love and loss, failure and hope. Yearning.
I’ve liked the more story-telling songs in the past, but these seem personal.

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Josh Ritter’s The Curse – Live

A pared down version of Josh Ritter performing The Curse with an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “This Compost,” read by Holly Laurent and Chris Thile on mandolin.

She asks “Are you cursed?” He says “I think that I’m cured”
Then he kissed her and hoped that she’d forget that question

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All Some Kind Of Dream by Josh Ritter

All Some Kind Of Dream by Josh Ritter (with Jason Isbell on guitar) from the soon to be released Fever Breaks.
A contemporary expression of an old-fashioned social justice folk song.
Some lament, some hope, pointed yet irenic.

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I Still Love You (Now and Then) by Josh Ritter

What could improve on a new album from Josh Ritter?
Having the album produced by Jason Isbell, with Isbell’s band The 400 Unit providing instrumental support. That’s what.
This is I Still Love You (Now And Then), showcasing Ritter’s lyrical skill with an assured and expansive melodic backing. Maybe a little more country/rock than Ritter’s folk/rock if that’s a difference.

The passing of time can allow the feelings that saw broken relationships begin revisit.
Not to stay, but rather to remind of how far we’ve come.

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When Will I Be Changed? By Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter’s song When Will I Be Changed seems informed by the promise of transforming grace while not experiencing it.
But is does express the longing of those who believe the transformation will take place, but still feel bogged waiting for it to happen.

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Apropos Of Nothing – Josh Ritter’s ‘The Curse’

Spending twenty-something hours driving means listening to lots of music, including Josh Ritter.
I never get tired of hearing ‘The Curse’.
If you’ve never heard it before, or even if you have, here it is again.
The song is so evocative, that imagery isn’t necessary, but it has inspired visual interpretations.
I’d recommend, if you’ve never heard it before, listen to it without looking at either of these clips and then watching it to see how much imagery was created in your mind. Then watch these and see how others imagined it.
Firstly, Liam Hurley’s puppet video clip with the song.

Secondly, here’s another one.