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He Is Our God – Sunday Songs

He Is Our God is a song from Behold Our God, a collaborative album by Sovereign Grace Music and the Choir of Shiloh Church.
Some of the songs on the album are quite stylised in their presentation and the choir leading is strong which makes it hard to know exactly how a congregation would handle the vocals. He Is Our God sounds singable, though.

The lyrics.
Verse 1
Who can light the fires
Of a thousand burning suns
Blazing in the heavens?
There is only one, He is our God
Verse 2
Who commands the nations
Building up and tearing down
Silencing His rivals?
There is only one, He is our God
He is our God
Chorus 1
Holy, You alone are Holy
Matchless in Your glory, Holy God
Verse 3
Who would come to save us
When we turned away His love
Conquer us with kindness?
There is only one, He is our God
He is our God
Chorus 2
Holy, You alone are holy
Matchless in Your glory; no one is like You
Worthy, You alone are worthy
We adore You only, Holy God
Now to the King on the throne
Who was and is to come
And to the Lamb Who was slain be glory

Music and Words: Jon Althoff and Bob Kauflin
© 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)