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“The Caged Bird Dreams Of A Strong Wind…”

Listened to the Civil Wars on a long car road today.
Makes me sad, but I love the way their voices worked together.
This is a very early rendition of From This Valley by the erstwhile duo.
Two voices and one guitar.
The sheer joy of their earlier recordings of this are sublime, and I like them better than the version which was latterly included on their second and final album.

Here’s another from around the same time.

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From This Valley – The Civil Wars Acoustic

This was playing in the car on a road trip yesterday.
It’s not my favourite version of this song as recorded by the Civil Wars. (Of which I have four)
But it’s very good.

Oh the outcast dreams of acceptance
Just to find pure love’s embrace
Like an orphan longs for its mother
May you hold me in your grace
Oh the caged bird dreams of a strong wind
That will flow beneath her wings
Like a voice longs for a melody
Oh Jesus, carry me

This is a live version from back in their early days, the audio is not perfect, but the performance is.