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Helping The Presbyterian Church Of Vanuatu (reblogged from APWM)

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A release from the Australian Presbyterian World Mission about relief aid for Vanuatu.

In response to Cyclone Pam, Australian Presbyterian World Mission sent Glen Connor to Vanuatu to make an assessment of the situation and hold talks with the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. Glen, who has recently returned from serving at that Talua Ministry Training Centre, knows the language, the people and the cultural context. He was an ideal person for such a task and we thank he and his wife Rachael for his willingness to serve in this way.
At the time of writing the Moderator General’s Appeal for Vanuatu has raised in excess of $163,000 updated – now $210,000. Based on discussions with the leadership of the Church in Vanuatu we will be sending this money to assist with some immediate needs and also in areas such as the repair or rebuilding of Church property throughout Vanuatu, the repair of Church schools, the reprinting of over 20,000 New Testaments and 6,600 whole Bibles in Bislama (the national language of Vanuatu) and the restocking of Pastor’s libraries. Any further donations will be used to assist with the rebuilding of Church property.
Thank you to those who have given to assist our brothers and sisters in Vanuatu!

(Photo: a Pastor’s library drying out).

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