The first two of my Theologian Statues that were a Kickstarter by Missional Wear arrived today.

Luther and Calvin will be joined by Augustine, Ryle, and John Knox who are all currently in transit.

2 thoughts on “Reformation Comes To Mount Gambier

  1. Luther laid the foundations for Germany’s 20th Century:
    “The Jews are the most wretched people on the earth. Their Synagogues should be destroyed, their homes burned, and they be driven from Germany for ever. We are at fault in not killing them.”
    Adolf Eichmann was a devout Lay Preacher of the Evangelical Church. John Calvin, the Butcher of Geneva, had Michael Servetus roasted to death in hours of agony, for writing De Trinitatis Erroribus.
    His administration of fundamentalist “Christians”
    killed at least 200 “heretics”, hanging a 9 year old child who, blasphemously, had struck his parents. (And we thought Skinnerian Behaviour Mod was harsh!). Knox is the only one of these to have HIMSELF suffered for his Faith, flogged and shackled to a galley’s oar.
    Nazi hierarchs produced and directed the Holocaust, but Luther set out the scenario.
    Both pairs of my grandparents had on mantelpieces those traditional icons, well-patinaed brass statues of the Three Wise Monkeys, who never committed atrocities in the name of the Prince of Peace

    1. Gary Ware says:

      I somewhat thought those historical canards had been laid to rest. Interesting to know they still get an airing from time to time.

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