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Preparing The Way (preparing for mgpc 27/11/16)

Song of preparation: I Was Filled With Joy And Gladness (Psalm 122) and Humble Thyself / Awesome God.
Call to worship:
Praise: O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
Corporate Prayer of Confession:
Song of assurance, confession of faith, doxology: My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness; The Apostles’ Creed; Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.
Consecutive reading: Daniel 1 – The first chapter describes the occasion of the training of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, outstanding Hebrew youth sent to Babylon to be educated in “the literature and language of the Chaldeans” (v. 4). Despite refusing the king’s food, these Hebrew youths prove superior in appearance and wisdom than all the wise men of Babylon.
Bible Memorisation: Ephesians 5:4
Praise: Jesus Calls Us O’er The Tumult.
Reading: Romans 15: 4 – 13 & Matthew 3: 1 – 12.
Sermon: Preparing The Way – sermon by Scott Litchfield of Interserve.
Pastoral prayer.
Tithes and offerings.
Departing praise: Come Set Your Rule And Reign / Build Your Kingdom.

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Investing Wisely (preparing for MGPC 3/8/2014)

I’m on the road tomorrow morning, but mgpc is planned to go like this:

Songs of preparation: Amazing Grace; Saviour, Like A Shepherd Lead Us; and God Is Our Strength And Refuge.
Testimony of assurance and faith: Consider Christ; Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 32; and Unto God Be Praise And Honour.
From God’s Word: John 19:1-22; 2 Timothy 1:7 (hint – ‘For God’ ‘For God’ ‘Did Not’ ‘Did Not’…); Speak, O Lord; and a sermon on Matthew 6:19-34 on Investing Wisely.
Pastoral prayer; tithes and offerings; worship concludes singing Let Your Kingdom Come.

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Our Marching Orders (mgpc 5/5/2013)

We conclude our epic journey through Matthew’s Gospel at mgpc tomorrow, preparing to continue on in our own ‘Matthew 29′ with Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28:16-20.

On a day which also marks the 17th anniversary of the dedication of our present church building our songs of preparation, My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness and Receive The Glory express thanksgiving to God, a theme which will extend into our singing of O God, Give Us Your Blessing (Psalm 67).
The call to worship will come from Psalm 117, after which we’ll read the Ten Commandments. Rock Of Ages will be the song of confession with our affirmation of faith coming in the form of the Apostles’ Creed and Glory To God, The Father, God, The Son.
We’ll experience God’s Word first from Jeremiah 23:1-22 and hear God’s promise to provide shepherds and raise up a righteous branch from David to reign as king.
We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations will be part response to that promise, and part anticipation for our final reading from Matthew.
After hearing Matthew 28:16-20, Ian Touzel will speak to us of the great commission which Jesus provides for His church.
We’ll share our prayers of thanksgiving and for other’s needs, give our offerings and conclude worship singing Yours Is The Kingdom.

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The Meeting That Changes Everything (mgpc 28/4/2013)

If the gospel of Matthew ended at verse 61 of chapter 27 we’d have a dead moral example and a scattered group of followers.
Some would prefer the story ended here, but the events recorded in chapter 28 of Matthew’s gospel are foundation on which Christianity rests, and the cornerstone which supports and gives meaning to everything we’ve read so far.
The story goes on, and because of that story so do we.

Psalm 148 – From Heav’n O Praise The LORD and Let Your Kingdom Come are the songs of preparation; Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise begins our worship.
The prayer of adoration and confession will praise God for the wonder of His saving work in Jesus and repent of our failure to be constantly amazed by it.
That sense of wonder and trust will be expressed as we sing How Deep The Father’s Love For Us, after which we’ll affirm our faith together with the Apostles’ Creed and Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing.
From God’s Word, Jeremiah 13: 13-30 will reveal God’s charge that the sons of Josiah are unworthy of the covenant promises God has made to King David, leaving us to trust God’s faithfulness amid human failing and unfaithfulness.
We’ll respond to that by singing O Saviour, Where Can Guilty Man?
After hearing Matthew 27:62 – 28:15 we’ll hear about the meeting that changes everything, considering the nature of the resurrection which Jesus experiences, the disciples of Jesus in the time after his death, and the meeting between them and the difference which that encounter makes to all who experience it.
After our prayers of thanksgiving and for the needs of others, we’ll give our tithes and offerings and conclude our worship singing Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding.

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The Curtain Torn (mgpc 21/4/2013)

In Matthew 27:45-61 the barrier between God and humanity is breached, and it is breached from God’s side. The hope of victory over the grave comes to us as Jesus’ body is placed in the tomb.
A new song for the morning congregation Jesus Is The Name We Honour, along with Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation are our songs of preparation. Worship begins with Sing Unto The Lord A New Song (Psalm 96).
The prayer of approach and confession will praise God for His love and wisdom in making a way for us to be in His family, and acknowledge our resistance in trusting all that His love and wisdom brings.
The Lord’s My Shepherd (Psalm 23) will begin our words of testimony. It will be followed by Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 1 and May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour.
Listening to God’s Word from Jeremiah 22:1-12 we’ll hear the house of David urged to do justice and righteousness. Responding to this word we’ll sing Indescribable.
After listening to God speak again, from Matthew 27:45-61 we’ll consider the events surrounding the death of Jesus: his sense of isolation; the comfort of God’s Word in that time of desolation; the rending of the figurative barrier between God and humanity; and the contrast of Jesus being placed in the grave while graves gave up their occupants. The way to God lays open before us.
After being led in our prayers of thanksgiving and for others we’ll give our tithes and offerings (probably listening to I’d Rather Have Jesus) then conclude worship singing All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name.

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The Wrong Side (mgpc 14/4/2013)

The concept of being on ‘The Wrong Of History’ has become commonly used in debates over social issues. In Matthew 27:27-44, time and again, Jesus is told that he is on ‘The Wrong Side Of History’, that the claims which He has made about himself are wrong or rejected. As He hangs on the cross, the judgments flow on, but simply because everyone is against him doesn’t mean that their judgement is correct. Or that Jesus is wrong.

Continuing to remember the resurrection power of Jesus we begin worship singing Glory of glories and O LORD, I will exalt You (Psalm 30). The prayer of praise and confession will remember the testimony of God’s love and saving purpose which the Scriptures reveal, and confess the times when we believed that our opinion invalidated the reality of those promises.
Our corporate affirmation of saving faith will be Jesus paid it all, after which we’ll recite The Apostles’ Creed and sing Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
Our sequential reading from Jeremiah 21:1-14 deals with Jeremiah’s word to Zedekiah that Jerusalem shall fall to Nebuchadnezzar.
This sequence from Jeremiah continues to encourage us to look to the faithful King who will be the ultimate liberator and leader of God’s people. We’ll give voice to that hope singing I will glory in my Redeemer.
After reading Matthew 27:27-44 the sermon will focus on the reactions of many to the figure of Jesus hanging on a cross. With the sympathy of none and the condemnation of all, we’ll consider the verdict of the day about the idea that Jesus is the King and Saviour of God’s people. Weight of numbers is no guarantee, however, as to who is on the right side of history. In this case the majority is on the wrong side.
Approaching the Lord’s Supper, we’ll sing According to Your gracious Word and share the bread and wine together. Then we’ll be led in our prayers of thanksgiving and for the needs of others, give our tithes and offerings, then conclude our worship singing We are His people (Go forth).

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On Their Hands (mgpc 7/4/2013)

The one on trial is the only innocent party.
And Matthew demonstrates that everyone else in the crucifixion account has his blood on their hands.
But his death is their hope of forgiveness.
The celebration of the resurrection power which marked our worship last Sunday continues tomorrow at mgpc.
Now Open Wide The Gates For Me (Psalm 118) and Sola are our songs of preparation, Yours Is The Glory begins our worship.
Our prayer of thanksgiving and confession will center on the everlasting life which we share because of Jesus’ resurrection and express our sorrow for seeking life in that which deteriorates and drains.
Jesus, Your Blood And Righteousness will be our testimony, accompanied by The Apostles’ Creed and Now To Him Who Loved Us.
God will speak to us from Jeremiah chapter 20, in which we will see the faithfulness of the prophet manifest amongst persecution by those who will not hear Gods’ Word.
This reading also reflects on Jesus’ continuing faithfulness as He faithfully obeys the Father’s will, even to crucifixion, which will lead us into singing You’re The Word Of God The Father (Across The Lands).
After reading Matthew 27:15-26, having considered Barabbas on Good Friday, the sermon will focus on Pilate and his part in Jesus’ condemnation.
Condemning a man who he knows is innocent, Pilate attempts to absolve himself of blame. There are no shortage of others willing to accept culpability. Everyone is responsible for Jesus’ death.
What can remove that guilt?
Jesus’ death.
After our prayers of thanksgiving and for the needs of others, we’ll give our tithes and offerings, then conclude our worship with From Heaven You Came (The Servant King).