Infinite Love Of Christ features on a project of releases by Shane and Shane aimed at families and youth.
It seems like Shane and Shane seem to release something every five minutes, but they do try to make their music accessible and singable in contrast to stylised and listenable.
This song contains a bridge refrain comprised of the chorus from the hymn

The lyrics:
However high the north is from the south
The measure of the saviors love for us
However far the east is from the west
The measure of my Redeemers love
Oh How deep
How wide
How vast
And how high
Is the infinite love of Christ
How strong
How sure
Is the infinite love of Christ
And it’s infinitely mine
However deep the ocean of my sin
My Savior’s love
Is so much deeper still
However far the chasm I had made
He closed the gap
Rising from the grave!
How marvelous
How wonderful
And my song shall ever be
How marvelous
How wonderful
Is my savior’s love for me
And it’s infinitely mine

Words and Music: Shane Barnard, Bryan Fowler
© 2022 Songs From Wellhouse (Admin. by Right Angle Music) So Essential Tunes, RELWOF (Admin by Essential Music Publishing)

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