Shane and Shane just seem to have too much material for me to keep up with.
Psalm 90 – Satisfy Us With Your Love has nice lyrics, a not particularly memorable melody in the verses and bridge – probably made for lots of slow repeats by large groups.

The lyrics:
You have been our dwelling place
Oh everlasting God
Before You formed the mountain tops
You were before it all
And soon our lives turn back to dust
When the sun comes up
Satisfy us
Before the day has passed us by
Before our hearts forget
All Your goodness
Satisfy us with Your love
The wrath of God poured out for sin
On Jesus crucified
Consider Him our hiding place
Our shelter is alive
Because He lived and died for us
Teach us Lord
To number our days on earth
Give us more
Wisdom in the secret heart
As You display amazing grace
Through Jesus Christ for us
Repeat Chorus.
Satisfy us with Your love
Satisfy us with Your love

Words and Music: Shane Barnard
© 2020 Songs From Wellhouse (Admin. by Right Angle Music)

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