Still reading Faith, Hope, And Carnage.

Nick Cave describes the online interactions he has through his website and the Red Hand Files.
He mentions a letter from a woman named Tiffany who included a poem she wrote.

It’s breathtaking.

    young death

when young death shines a flash
on your
the cop says takes the breath right
collapses your
stills your
stops the

your knees
and your brain

you drive in
and greet young death
he’s he’s he’s he’s
on a hospital
tube in his
on a
under the
in the
bedroom that marks his growth and
he was a baby here once
there’s his
pencil marks on the
cosmo 2, 3, 4 and a half, 6, 7, 9¾, 10, 13,
and his precious
that filled the house with mute
sister’s drawings on the
chair where
there he lies
tube in his
grey pallor
it is your
it is not your
hold him for the last
small sob falls
want to
want to
young death kisses
wraps you in cold
your son
your son
reach out and touch
it’s ok Mum
it’s ok Mum
the light is beautiful
i’m happy
you kiss him one
you kiss him
last time and return
to his Dad
hold hands breathless
for dread dawn to break
your sleeping daughter
to wake

Tiffany, Australia.

Nick Cave and Sean O’Hagan, Faith, Hope and Carnage, The Text Publishing Company, 2022, pgs. 213-214

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