Christmas Hymn, from Jon and Valerie Guerra / Praytell, accompanied by Paul Zach
All my favourite people from this Christmas’ music.

The lyrics:
Oh come, all ye faithless hearts
Heaven′s gift now is yours
For unto us a child is born
The king of kings bent low
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel has come to dwell with us
This weary world will be made bright
And shine forevermore
How can we ever thank you, Lord?
Grateful hearts only know
The melody of humble love
The manger has composed
When our toil has run its course
And every star has gone dim
The light of lights will shine in all
And all will shine in Him
These weary days will be forgot
In love’s eternal glow
We′ll shine forevermore

Words and Music (c) 2022: Jon Guerra / Valerie Guerra

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