Joyful by Paul Zach featuring Taylor Leonhardt and Nick Dahlquist.
A track from Paul’s Christmas Hymns.

The lyrics:
Come, O Lord, and make us joyful
as you came to Mary’s womb;
buried deep beneath our sorrows,
where our hopes take root and bloom.
Be the promise that sustains us
through the seasons of the years
’til at last we see your radiance
when you shine beyond our tears.
Come, O Lord, and show your mercy
as you came in Bethlehem;
let us see the sunlight bursting
through the shadows once again.
Let us hear the song of glory
where the silence held us fast.
We will come to you rejoicing
from the shackles of the past.
Come, O Lord, as living water;
make our deserts green again
where the wellspring of our laughter
will refresh us like the rain.
After all the years of waiting
for the promise long foretold,
come at last, and let the day break
in the morning of your joy!

Words: Kate Bluett / Music: Paul Zach (c) 2022

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