There Is Hope, new from City Alight.
I think this completes all the songs from their current release cycle.
As always the lyrics are very well done. I’m not sure the melody really draws singers in and along on this one. I don’t think I’d be humming it to myself anytime.
It’s lovely to listen to.

The lyrics:
There is hope in grace unceasing
You withhold your wrath from me
Poured it out upon my Saviour
On the cross of Calvary
There is hope now for the hopeless
There is victory all can know
For the tomb lies bare and broken
And deaths pow’r is overthrown
Jesus Christ my hope forever
Hope unlike the world can bring
Your steadfast love beyond all measure
There is hope in Christ my king
There is hope for sons and daughters
Who have wandered on their own
Hear the songs of joy from heaven
As the lost are welcomed home
Hallelujah, Hope of heaven
Precious treasure of my life
All my joy is in your presence
I am yours and you are mine
Repeat bridge
I will wait until I see him
Though the twilight turns to night
For my hope is not defeated
It will greet His dawning light
Repeat chorus final line

Words and Music: Niki Shepherd and Paris Shepherd.
© 2022 CityAlight Music (admin. Integrity Music).

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