AFL have their inexplicable pre-finals weekend off. This theoretically advantages the lower teams, but none of them are good enough to take advantage of it, although Fremantle and Richmond will like their chances, particularly Fremantle who I think are on the easier side of the finals draw. Sorry, Carlton, you weren’t good enough.
NRL continues along with Penrith and Cronulla the two top eight sides getting opponents outside the top eight, the other six teams having to bash each other, and Canberra likely to gain ground. It doesn’t seem likely they’ll tip Brisbane out of the eight, but then again Carlton looked safe for 22 rounds as well.

(Draws count as correct)
NRL (last round 8/8; season tally 118/168)
North Queensland
Saint George
Gold Coast

AFL (last round 9/9; season tally 141/198)
For next week, these tips won’t change, short of their whole squads being quarantined with COVID.

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