A Sunday Song on Sunday.
Maybe I’m feeling a little more like myself.
In any case, here’s Take Shelter, from Getty Music, this time welcoming Skye Peterson as a co-writer with Kristen Getty and Ben Shive.
I think Skye features on the vocals as well. Someday people may introduce Andrew Peterson as Skye Peterson’s father.

When the nations rage and death is at the door
When the wars are waged as they have been before
There’s a refuge that I run to
A respite from my fear
Nothing in this world can harm me here
When my song of hope is swallowed by the pain
As the weariness of grief floods in again
Will you find me in the valley
Oh hear my helpless cry
Hold me as a mother holds her child
And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God
And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God
When a greater war had torn apart my soul
And the iron hold of sin would not let go
All of heaven stormed the darkness
In the power of the cross
I’m freed beneath the banner of His love
When the labours of this fleeting life are done
As the shadows fall we’ll see the lights of home
And then all our present troubles
Will be stories of the past
Safe within His gates we’ll find our rest

Words and Music: Kristyn Getty, Skye Peterson, and Ben Shive.
© 2022 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) / Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP) / Junkbox Music (ASCAP) / adm at MusicServices.org.

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