Joy Will Come, from Paul Zach (featuring Liz Vice and Charles Jones).
Another day, another death bed; the day is heavy, the night seems long.
But we have a Saviour, a hope, a song.
There is a new day coming that will be filled with joy.

The shadow has no power over us
For we will trust in the Lord
And through the night we have a song to sing
A hope that we can cling to
Joy will come in the morning
Joy will come in the morning
God is our rock and our salvation
Joy will come
Sister fix your eyes upon the hills
For surely help will come
Brother we will take our refuge in
The God who knows our suffering
We will rise up
We will rise up in the morning

Words and Music: Isaac Wardell | Kimberly Williams | Orlando Palmer | Paul Zach
© 2021 Common Hymnal Publishing (Admin. by Integrity Music) | IAMSON Productions (Admin. by Integrity Music) | Integrity’s Alleluia! Music (Admin. by Integrity Music) | Paul Zach Publishing (Admin. by Integrity Music) | PG Songs And Hymns (Admin. by Integrity Music)
Remaining portion is unaffiliated

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