Oh Give Thanks, which is Wendell Kimbrough’s version of Psalm 107.
This rendition is a lot of fun. The song is fun. Giving thanks to God for who he is and what he does is fun.
God’s praise in song shouldn’t be confined to a few hours on one day of the week.
Imagine when it will be present everywhere, all the time.

The lyrics:
We were wand’ring in the desert with our souls so starved and weak.
We were hungry for a homeland we did not know how to seek.
But we lifted up our voices to the only One who hears;
And the God of mercy came and brought us near.
We were locked out of the garden, and our backs bent down with pain.
In the shadow of death’s darkness, we were slaves to sin and blame.
Then we cried out in our labor to the only One who hears,
And the God of mercy wiped away our tears.
Oh give thanks to the LORD for His love endures forever!
We were wandering and lost, and our Father brought us home,
To a safe dwelling place, to a feast of joy and laughter.
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
We were fools in our rebellion, with our hunger strike of pride.
We were sick and growing closer to the death we should have died.
Then he heard of our condition, and he called us by our names;
And the God of glory took away our shame.
We were far out on the ocean, making wealth and chasing dreams,
But the waves of great destruction brought us tremb’ling to our knees.
Then we cried like drunken sailors to the only One who hears,
And the God of comfort took away our fears.

Words and Music: © 2014 Wendell Kimbrough

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