The Lord Our God Is Good from Paul Zach and Wendell Kimbrough, along with a whole bunch of friends.

The lyrics:
The Lord our God is good
The Lord our God is good
Full of kindness and compassion
Merciful and just
The Lord our God is good
Verse 1
Who else knows our deepest pain
Bears it as his own
Finds us in our naked shame,
Clothes and brings us home
Verse 2
Who takes his inheritance
And gives it all away
Welcomes guests to feast with him
Who never can repay

Words and Music: Paul Zach, Wendell Kimbrough, Jessica Fox, Liz Vice, Orlando Palmer.
© 2021 Integrity’s Alleluia! Music (Admin. by Integrity Music) / Paul Zach Publishing (Admin. by Integrity Music) / Kimbrough, Wendell

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