(Sunday Songs on Monday)
Currently we’re working through the parables of Jesus at MGPC.
The Seeds Of The Kingdom by Wendell Kimbrough is based on Luke 17.20-21 and the parable of the mustard seed in Matthew 13.

The lyrics:
Jesus scatters the seeds of His Kingdom;
Far and wide, He announces new birth:
“I, the Lord of Creation, am making new
Every inch of the groaning earth!”
Like the smallest of seeds in the winter
Is the Kingdom of God as its sown;
But the powers of hell shall against it fail
When the Kingdom of God is grown.
Though we wait for the Lord of the harvest,
And we long for our King to appear,
Even now in our hearts, by the Spirit’s pow’r,
The Kingdom of God is near!
He has planted the seeds of His Kingdom
In the hearts of the poor and the weak.
He declares to the captives, “I bring good news:
You shall be mighty oaks of strength!”
Through the city of God flows a river:
From the throne of the Lamb waters pour.
And behold, on the banks grows the Tree of Life,
Where the nations are healed and restored!

Words and Music: © 2014 Wendell Kimbrough.

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